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It’s STAAR week for all students in Texas, and for all teachers. Teachers will be tied to the scores of their students. I believe that teachers should teach to the best of their abilities and push their students to do the best they possibly can, but when you have a multitude of children who panic for the tests or don’t have the ability to make abstract answers; you have handicapped the child and the teacher.

I was hoping the old nursery rhyme, “leave them alone and they will come home, dragging their tails behind them,” would come true about my chickens. Not so, Fuzzy pretended to get along with my chickens, but the sneaky little brat was just waiting for his moment. On this rainy wet weekend, he brought one back to me, but it was in pieces. I am hoping he will choke on a chicken bone.

I realize it was my fault thinking because he was doing so well with those chickens that he would be safe if I was gone. I was wrong, and now I have no chickens.


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