The Texas Rangers and The San Saba Mob

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Some Evidence for the Defense.

The State Closed her direct Examination, and the Defense will probably consume all of today.

The George Trowbridge murder trial was resumed yesterday in the Fifty-third District court John W. Smith, for the state, testified that he was living in San Saba in 1889. “Did you know of an organization of men in San Saba in 1889, and if so, what was it commonly called?” “Yes sir; and it was commonly known as the mob.” “Did they ever visit your home?” “Yes sir. One night about twenty or twenty-five men rode up to my house and the front one asked if that was where John Smith lived. I told them it was, and they said to me, “If you don’t stop cow stealing we will break your d---d neck,” and then they rode off, and as they went by me one of them said: “Johnny, we are telling you this for your own good.”



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