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I am not a fan of cold weather. I realize thatTexas cold is nowhere near Canadian cold, but it is not to my taste. I am comfortable in the 60 to 90 range. Australia was pretty close to that mark, but once you go there the cost of visiting family is horrendous.

It was while I was walking down a dark street in Sydney that I realized that should anything happen to me, my parents would never get closure and certainly couldn’t come and look for me. It also made me grow up just a little and gain an understanding of that annoying parental habit of wanting to know where you are and where you are going. I was so sure I could take care of myself. How little we understand when we are young and arrogant. Times and kids have not changed very much.

I had time to reflect this week on why I teach. The administration and school board decided to create an employee of the month award and I was chosen. I am honored and embarrassed at the same time. We are very fortunate in Richland to have excellent, seasoned and passionate teachers. Although most of us have been teaching for many years, none of us look on this teaching experience as a job. Yes, we draw a paycheck and have set hours, but for what we do the pay is not enough.


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