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My Use Of Being Adorable

Well hello there dear San Saba friends, so very happy to see you! Now if you say to yourself, Herman, you are a bit loco in your dachshund head because you are writing to us and not able to see us at all…you would be wrong about that as I imagine you as I write. Yep, mom told me when I began writing, it is always important to imagine your audience and so I do. Oh, I see ranchers, shopkeepers, school teachers, students, caregivers, doctors, lawyers, housewives and everyone! You are so real to me that one time I got too close to a rancher’s spurs and could actually smell the cows! Ha ha ha! Now you know I am teasing but isn’t that just fun to imagine? Anywho, I do write as if I am right there with you.

I don’t know if I have told you guys but I am a bit of a pocket dachshund; I must be with one or both of my parentals at all times. Now dad is a bit like a cat on too much catnip… he runs into the house for about a second, loses interest and then runs right back out to do other things leaving me to stare longingly at the empty space where he stood. Mom is a softy, her heart cannot stand for mine to be broken and trust me…I use my knowledge of the fact to my advantage. How I work it is I run to the back kitchen window, look to see where dear dad was off to, then flatten myself in a pout in front of mom in the living room floor, get up after a moment, climb up the steps and drape across her lap for comfort and love. I get my way and before we know it the entire day is gone…I have had warm loving belly rubs, body massages and the best, most loving day one can imagine! Even if I say so myself…I am good, my friends, yes, very good at getting what I want! What? When does mom get to do the things she wants to do? Um, have you seen me? I do believe loving on me is exactly what she wants to do!


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My Use Of Being Adorable