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I broke down and lit the wood stove today. It was not so much the cold as it was the damp feeling in the house. Russ loves the stove. It heats the whole house and he can wander around. Without the all over heat, he huddles in front of the heater and covers up with an electric blanket. I am not kidding when I say he loves summer and the 90 and up temperatures.

This world is full of crazy people. I used to think I was a heat person until I lived in Houston. Now I know I am really a temperate zone person. Still, I prefer being too hot as to freezing myself in the snow. The sun is shining, so perhaps my outdoor water won’t be frozen in the morning.

The elementary kids are headed out to Rochelle tomorrow to participate in the UIL academic competition. We are a little low this year, so school wise we may not progress as far as we normally do. Our kids will give it their best and that is what counts.


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