The Post-script

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In the midst of decorating for Christmas, I discovered I was covered in glitter.

A lot of folks get sad at Christmas. People get stressed and angry and fed up and exhausted—at Christmas and the rest of the year, for that matter. I don’t get depressed during the holidays, but I understand how it could happen.

I was married for many years to a man who was grumpy a great deal. When Christmas came, efforts to keep his grumpiness under wraps were quickly exhausted and he became pretty much intolerable.

“Christmas!’ he exploded on one infamous occasion. “What a fiasco!”

To be fair, my ex-husband laughed when I later put a picture of Santa Claus on our refrigerator and drew a caption bubble over his head saying, “Christmas! What a fiasco!” But, in the moment, I’m sure he did think Christmas was a fiasco and I will tell you frankly, I found his attitude hard to handle.


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