Dr. Lillie Ruth Thomas

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Dr. Lillie Ruth Thomas passed away on Monday night, November 26th, at the age of 91, due to complications from pneumonia. She was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico on October 30,1927 to Lillie and Virgel Thomas. She is survived by her son, Frank, and daughter-in-law, Valerie Thomas, and grandson, Jack. Dr. Thomas is preceded in death by her husband, Jack Thomas.

Known as Lillie Ruth to her family and Ruth to her friends, she held many prestigious jobs in her lifetime and was the forerunner of women being allowed to work in Government. She was a teacher, a professor, a government auditor, a volunteer teacher, a wonderful cook, a traveler with her husband, Jack; and a wonderful, kind person.

Her grandfather and many relatives helped to establish San Saba, Texas, where she still has family members.

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