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What a difference a week makes. My house is finally at peace. Blue and Fuzzy are not fighting; Blue has learned some manners the hard way, and Russ has decided that having a rested wife is better than keeping a barking dog in the shed. So Mama is getting her sleep and the boys are getting along. Life is good. Big Blue cries when he is separated from Fuzzy now. It really is pitiful because I have this awful suspicion that when we go for a walk, Fuzzy is trying to lose him in the woods. Fortunately, Blue doesn’t like to wander too far even if he is having a good time following the little brown dog.

The kids will be here Sunday to reclaim their big Blue boy. He really is sweet. Fuzzy on the other hand is going to have a few days with the buzzer on his neck. He has chosen to show Blue how to chasecows andis notcomingback when I call. A few pops on the buzzer, and we should be just fine.


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