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By Sue Ransom

It’s five o’clock on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I even have a reason to not walk the dog; it’s raining! It’s a weak excuse, but I’m willing to use it. I have tried to think of another name for this dog, but I hate to confuse him. He is a sweet boy who seems to have settled in very nicely. I watched a DVD put out by the Reasons to Believe folks and decided that I would keep the name. The microbiologist who spoke is nicknamed Fuzz. If that is good enough for a super brain microbiologist; it is good enough for a throwback blue lacey. He is a talker. He will whine and bark at me when I am walking into the house. If I forget to give him a treat at the gate; he really has something to say to me. I need to get him to the vet for his shots. He needs a bath to make him smell nice. He is constantly in the water, but there is no nice smelly stuff in the water. He really likes my fish spa. I’m glad, but it keeps my fish place murky looking. I will take a picture to show everyone what it looks like to have a dog in your fish spa.

The youth center had its official opening last Friday.

It looks like a neat place for our local kids to spend a little time on a Friday and Saturday. Even in San Saba there is little for the teens to do. I had great hopes when they were talking about bringing a water park to San Saba, but that did not pass. It is difficult to open any kind of business in a small town. We can’t even keep a restaurant open here in Richland. At any rate, use this little oasis wisely kids; it looks like a fun place to meet and hang out safely.


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