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Fishing You The Best

Hello wonderful San Saba friends! It’s me Herman. Oh wait, it says Happy Herman’s Hideaway…who else would be writing the column…a random skunk passing by my laptop? I wonder how a skunk would begin an article to you, probably with…:” Hey, if you think your life stinks people of San Saba you should smell mine!” Of course I don’t want to be putting words in a skunk’s mouth, I don’t wish to get near enough to put anything near them! I think they are cute, don’t get me wrong but I like to think they are cute from a safe distance.

It was my turn to see a doctor this week…went to see Adam at San Saba Animal Hospital. Oh I am fine, nothing wrong with me; I know that is a debatable issue…let’s not get rude. Anyway, I had to get a shot. When I heard the parentals discussing it I popped my head out of the blanket and told dad…:It best be a shot of tequila and it better be for you! “It wasn’t and it wasn’t…it was my rabies shot. I like to act as though I have rabies sometimes when I play war with mom. I get all crazed, froth at the mouth and get wild-eyed…that is how I win but I sure don’t want the real disease.


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