The Texas Rangers and The San Saba Mob

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by Ross J. Cox, Sr. 



Editor’s Note–Part 28b in a continuing series

Linden proceeded to tell them that if they did not convict the man, there would come over San Saba a reign of terror that would make Nero's affliction of Rome as peaceful as a kindergarten. He went on to say that, "if that man were freed that the time would come when men would be afraid to whisper their own secrets to their own wives at the hour of midnight, that they might as well tear down the courthouse, throw the law books in the river and go back to the beast."111

Linden then turned around to the courtroom and pointed out seven men who were members of the Mob naming them one by one. He ended by saying, "and there is their chaplain, who is praying to God at this moment to strike me dead for what I am saying." He allowed the Prince Albert coat that he was wearing to swing open, and his pearl handled six-shooter was exposed. The closing argument was complete. Interestingly enough, the defendant said that they preferred Mob law on the outside to Mob law in the courtroom administered by a military district attorney. The ordeal was over, and Linden left the courtroom by himself and proceeded to walk west from the square across the street to the Dofflemeyer Hotel.112


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