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By Sue Ransom

I’ve checked and the calendar assures me that it is not skipping days, but I think it is lying. That is the only way that these last weeks of the year can be vanishing so quickly. The kids will be out Friday for an extended Christmas vacation. Hold them close parents; time just goes too fast for you not to enjoy every minute that you have them. We were discussing today how fleeting our time on earth is, but consider that the time we have with our children is a very short blink of the eye. So many of our kids leave home for distant places and opportunities. Once they are gone, family time becomes so precious, and so hard to obtain. Enjoy while you can parents.

This reflection comes from the time I don’t get to have with my children and their children. I was reading a message from my son who is deployed and far from me physically, but not from my heart. I can understand the pain of all the family members who long for their soldiers to be home for the holidays.


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